Water / Wastewater

 Mobile/Cloud Solutions
For Rounds, Logbooks, and Compliance

Software to Enhance Utility Operations and Management

How can  help you?

  • Mobile devices replace paper forms, clipboards, and spreadsheets for inspections and rounds
  • Electronic Logbooks for managing alarms, events, activities, and turnovers  
  • Comprehensive tracking of non-compliance and problem resolution
  • Full Maintenance Management with mobile capability for tracking:
    • Assets, specifications, and documents
    • Preventive/Predictive maintenance
    • Regulatory and Compliance activities
    • Inventory and spare parts
  • Quick access to history, trends, reports, and performance metrics

“Exactly where Utility Operations and Maintenance needs to go.”

Engineer at wastewater treatment plant

Operations and Maintenance Applications

  • Operator Rounds and Logs
  • EH&S Inspections and Compliance
  • Water Quality Measurements
  • Lab and Diagnostic Testing
  • EPA and DEP Compliance
  • Preventive/Predictive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance and Repairs

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